Breaking the Cycle of Dependency:

Kickstarting a Cycle Of Development Issue 5

This difficult year of 2020 is also the year of renewed focus. Despite the loved ones we lost, the unprecedented turmoil we lived through, and the viral pandemic that raged through the world, our lives and action plans are in perspective. We note, for example, the role Lebanon serves as a global thermostat. Being at the figurative and literal center of the world, subject to the tectonic shifts of the region, it continually projects upcoming changes to the international stage; we have seen that with the Taif Agreement four days ahead of the fall of the Berlin wall, which marked the end of the Lebanese civil war and the Cold War, respectively. Similarly, we were among the first to experience the rise of the neoliberal order in the postwar period, and its demise in the first decade of 2000s, when while the world was shocked by the Great Recession.

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